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May 2020 Update

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Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, my country has been in lockdown since April. I thought I would get a lot of stuff done, but I didn’t. As a distraction, I uploaded the videos I made on my old YouTube channel late last year. These were:

I had hoped to release another video today, but I’m still proof-reading the blog post. I promise that it’ll be out on May 24 (two weeks from when I wrote this).

I’m currently working on a mix of content and projects which should keep me busy until the end of October. These include:

In November, I’m hoping to make some educational stuff. As for December, I’m gonna try the whole Vlogmas/Code Advent thing where I try to upload a thing a day until Christmas Eve-ish. I think I’ll use it to cover redesigning my websites. I also want to post more content on my personal blog,

At some point, I’ll have to consider branding my channel (and myself). I can’t be a white A on a blue circle forever you know?

Thanks for bearing with me! I won’t be on social media for a while, so you can get updates on what I’m doing on my Patreon @faraixyz. In fact, I’ve just posted a tentative content plan for 2020.